The Transcriptional and Post-transcriptional Regulatory Relationships

* Last updated: Feb 18, 2016


Welcome to our website! This is the supplementary materials webpage for our paper. Pay attention to the users: You can use and redistribute the data and code if you accept GNU  General Public License (GPL). Any question, please contact zpliu (at) sdu (dot) edu (dot) cn.

* Liu ZP, Wu C, Miao H, Wu H. RegNetwork: an Integrated Database of Transcriptional and Posttranscriptional Regulatory Networks in Human and Mouse. Database 2015:bav095, 2015.

* Note that: We are collecting the data from the other model organisms. The regulatory networks will be released soon. For collaboration, please feel free to contact me.

* 1. Rat
* 2. Worm

!!!Data and Code

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