__SANA__: protein Structure Alignment by Neighborhood Alignment

SANA is an algorithm for the alignment of two proteins. Specifically, core regions in two protein structures are first aligned by identifying connected components in a network of neighboring, geometrically compatible aligned fragment pairs (AFPs). The initial alignments then are refined through a multi-objective optimization method. The algorithm can produce both sequential and non-sequential alignments.


* Lin Wang, Ling-Yun Wu, Xiang-Sun Zhang, Luonan Chen. __SANA: an algorithm for sequential and non-sequential protein structure alignment__. Submitted to ''Amino Acid''.


This version of the program is in very preliminary stage and provided just for testing purpose. The program is still under development.

* [SANA.exe (Windows version of Protein Structure Alignment Tool)|SANA/SANA.rar]
* [Supplementary_Data.rar (Supplementary data for computational experiments of SANA)|SANA/Supplementary_Data.rar]

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