!!!List of Services

# [Haplotyping Library]
# [Ensemble Pail|App:EnsemblePail]
# [Network Ontology Analysis (NOA)|App:NOA]
# [CNetQ|App:CNetQ]
# [CNetA|App:CNetA]

!!!Resource Collections

* [Haplotyping Library]: A collection of resources on Computational Haplotyping Problems

!!!Web Applications

!!Prediction of Protein Post-Translational Modification
* [Ensemble Pail|App:EnsemblePail]: Lysine Acetylation sites prediction using ensembles of Support Vector Machine classifiers

!!Network Ontology Analysis
* [Network Ontology Analysis (NOA)|App:NOA]: A freely available collection of Gene Ontology tools aiming to analyze functions of gene network instead of gene list

!!Network Alignment and Querying
* [CNetQ|App:CNetQ]: Conditional random fields based Network Querying tool
* [CNetA|App:CNetA]: Conditional random fields based Network Alignment tool